Mobile Home Service for Seniors and Disabled

"Times are Changing !" Ask about our Mobile Services for Seniors and for the Disabled !

Services for Seniors and Retirement Homes

We love having our seniors come to GTA Smile offices, but sometimes our friends cannot travel.

Mobile Dental Services

As a special service, GTA Smile will come to your home, or retirement home to perform teeth cleaning, inspections and all of our other services.

Dentist / Denturist On-Site Services for Retirement Homes

As a special service to our retirement homes, we have Dentists and Denturists that will perform those special services our Dental Hygenist can’t perform. Speak to our staff specialist to see if you require our Dentist or Denturists for your retirement home.

Learn more about Tooth Crafters

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario…

Registered Dental Hygienists may provide oral healthcare in settings other than a dental office. They may choose to have their own office or travel to their client’s place of residence. Dental Hygienists who are authorized by the CDHO to ‘self initiate’ do not require the client to have an order from a dentist.”…

“Dental hygienists in Ontario: their changing role and what it means to you

You’re no longer limited to visiting a dentist’s office the next time you need your teeth checked and a good cleaning. In fact, you can have it done in the comfort of your own home. Click here to view the whole article.

For anyone home bound, disabled or of golden years, that require home care, please feel free to inquire.  Click here.