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The Two Minute Exam That Could Save Your Life !

The Two-Minute Exam That could Save Your Life ~VELscope Vx~

“Make sure that your mouth is as healthy as it can possibly be.

The next time you visit your dentist/hygienist, ask for a VELscope exam.”

Developed by the British Columbia Cancer Agency in conjunction with MD Anderson Cancer Center, is a truly advanced diagnostic tool for Oral Screening, using the technology of “Fluorescence”.  It is very simple to use, non-invasive and takes only a few minutes.  The VELscope Vx has bee approved by Health Canada and also the FDA.

About VELscope Vx


VELscope Vx – Shinning Blue Light on Oral Health !

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Dr. Ralph Green, DDS, MBA on the VELscope Vx ~

The way the VELScope works, is that there is a blue light that is shined into the patients mouth and reflects off the mouth’s tissue, when that reflection comes back into the eyepiece, there are a number of filters which filter out different waive lengths.”...”the tissue can then be discerned as to what is normal or abnormal tissue. Normal tissue gives off a fluorescence it naturally metabolizes, abnormal tissue does not give off fluorescence.

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